WTF happened?

About 10 months ago UnleashedMedia went down. Why? A couple reasons. Our hosting company lied to us about unlimited bandwidth. We had around 1TB, or 1,000GB of media on a single server. Yeah, that's a lot. They took us down with out warning and explained to us that we simply were using to much bandwidth and it was screwing with their other clients. We were then informed to resolve the issue. Our feelings were so hurt that they lied to us about the "unlimited bandwidth" we decided to go elsewhere. But first we had to back up everything. As you may imagine it took more than 2 days to back up 1TB. Once that was done we moved to another server and began uploads (we released some of this news on our twitter page).

So what's up now? We've got UnleashedMedia back up for you. But wait, before you go get the beer and start your epic party, there's been some changes. You will notice the TV shows are gone :(. There is only one page of movies, and suggestions are gone. Go ahead grab a tissue, wipe those tears away. Now, You will not be able to download TV Shows because we have to keep our bandwidth at a reasonable rate. One page of movies, that's not to bad. There will be 32 of the latest movies available and more added weekly/bi-weekly. We will no longer except suggestions for movies. Music is the same. All sitting there untouched AND we are still accepting suggestions for Music.

So... you're probably thinking to yourself. This site now sucks. And we say to that "fuck you!" Just kidding, we understand. It's not as great as it once was. BUT, you can help. We need more servers and a better hosting service. We can't afford that. After all we spend all day providing you with free media easily accessible. How can you help? Donate! Yes donate. Please consider making a donation to us so we can bring UnleashedMedia back to its fullest potential. Once we get enough donations we can start making this place the most wicked awesome, ass-kicking, mother-in-law slapping, free media site ever!

Thank You

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